weaning your baby

Online Weaning

weaning your baby

This online weaning workshop has been designed to take the stress out of introducing solid food. Weaning can be a time of confusion and conflicting information so this gives you straightforward information, tips and ideas. It is also your chance to ask questions about moving onto this next stage with your baby.

It is ideal for parents and grandparents with a baby from about 3-4 months old, in preparation for weaning, to about 9-10 months old, if you have questions and need a bit of a confidence boost.

Based on research and experience, this workshop gives you a range of information and ideas so you feel able to do what works for you and your baby.

Your weaning workshop will look at:

  • how you can do it – purees, mush and baby-led, plus a combination of methods
  • food and meal ideas
  • what can help and what you can expect
  • the practical stuff – equipment, mess and keeping it safe

The online weaning course gives you the opportunity to gain knowledge, to make notes and write your strategy for moving your baby onto solid food.
It includes:
*access to the online course
*a guide and worksheets to download and read in your own time

Self-Paced Weaning Workshop

10.00 £

Just get in touch with me here if you have any queries.