Postnatal Consultations

Postnatal Consultations

Postnatal Consultations for those early days, weeks and months with your baby

Babies are always developing, growing and changing – as a parent, you are always learning and adapting to these changes. Reliable information with good support, reassurance and simple coping strategies can make a huge difference to your confidence and ability to manage the different challenges. Expectations and pressure to get it right can also be overwhelming, so talking it through is beneficial.

Postnatal Consultations: parents book sessions for many reasons…

  • new babies & new parents – information, support and reassurance during the early days and weeks
  • baby sleep and being tired
  • taking the stress out of weaning
  • going back to work after maternity leave
  • being a mum – guilt, parenting challenges, juggling, loss of identity
  • feeling overwhelmed
  • meeting the needs of more than one child
  • managing stress & anxiety

You will benefit from…

  • a calm knowledgeable approach
  • working with an experienced practitioner
  • notes & resources
  • ongoing information, support and reassurance

Postnatal Consultations: what parents have to say

“Thank you for listening and for caring – it has made a huge difference to have somebody to talk to.”

“I had an amazing 1:1 with Janine, I felt like a weight had been lifted!”

“We can’t thank you enough for talking to us during those early days when I felt completely overwhelmed.”

Book your consultations

  • £55 for one session (60-90 minutes) or £125 for three 60 minute sessions, which can be arranged at a time to best suit you.
  • Your sessions can be in-person if you are in the Newcastle area or by video call.
  • Includes: session notes and follow-up emails.
  • Ideal for all parents with a baby.

You can just book here and message me below to arrange your sessions.

A few words about why I offer postnatal consultations…

As a postnatal practitioner I see where the challenges are, I hear the conversations and the comments about both the parenting and personal challenges. Some mums, some families will benefit from having the time to talk it through, to offload, to understand where they are at, to look at potential strategies and to have some consistent support and reassurance.

Having a baby can be isolating, demanding and, at times, relentless, and families can benefit from having the space to talk it through and to know they are not alone. My role is is also to listen, to reassure and to provide much needed confidence boosts.

Please feel free to message me here with any queries.

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