New Baby Consultations

Working with you as you find your feet as a parent in those early days and weeks with your new baby.

Becoming a parent and bringing your new baby home can be a bit daunting and you may need reassurance with feeding – breast and bottle; sleep; settling & soothing your baby; what to expect and what is ‘normal’ plus reassurance for you as you adjust to the responsibility of looking after your new baby.

These sessions are also about making sure you are as comfortable as possible so you can rest and recover in those early days and weeks.

Client Testimonials

“Thanks so much  – we needed to speak to someone who could give us some practical support and reassurance among all the chaos of not knowing what we were doing!”

“I feel so much better after our chat, we’ve made a few changes in the house so I am more comfortable and I am now giving myself the chance to rest for a few days.”

You will benefit from:
*a calm, knowledgeable approach
*working with an experienced practitioner
*resources to use at home
*ongoing information, support and reassurance
*proven practical skills

Arranging your sessions

  • Your sessions will be by video call or over the phone if you prefer.
  • You can use the diary below to book a single 90-minute session (£55).
  • Or you can message me to organise three 1-hour sessions (£110) for continued information, support and reassurance.
  • You can pay for your sessions here.

Just let me know if you have any queries.

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Working with parents since 2002