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Bringing you a foundation of robust knowledge, strategies and skills that you can rely on during pregnancy, for labour, birth and
meeting your new baby.

Congratulations on your pregnancy!
Whether you need information and reassurance in pregnancy or knowledge, ideas & additional support as you prepare for birth and your new baby, you are in the right place.

Pregnancy Consultations

Giving you the opportunity to ask questions, gather information and talk through decisions and any worries. Pregnancy can be an exciting time but some women can feel isolated, anxious and in need of a listening ear. These sessions have been developed to provide you with ongoing support and reassurance.

Birth Debrief Service

Professional, practical and effective sessions to help you prepare for labour and birth again.

Antenatal Course – the complete course for expectant parents

Based on experience, evidence and proven practical skills, this is a thorough course to reassuringly prepare you for labour, birth and your new baby.
This course is not about birth or babies being easy, it is about good knowledge, managing challenges and knowing what you can do.

Relax & Breathe Course – the complete guide to using your breathing

Simple and effective breathing and relaxation skills to use during your pregnancy, your birth and with your baby.

Consultations For Birth & Baby Preparation

Pregnancy and birth consultations focus on your individual need for information, practical skills, strategies and confidence. They are tailored to you and fit in with your schedule.

Online Birth Courses

A range of practical digital courses to read at your own pace. Packed full of experience and expertise, they come with brilliant resources to download and personalise.

  • Antenatal Course
  • Relax & Breathe
  • Labour & Birth Essentials
  • Positions For Labour & Birth
  • Being Induced
  • Challenges & Decisions In Labour & Birth
  • Waterbirth
  • Having An Epidural
  • Beyond Birth

You will also receive an email from me to see you how you are getting on.

Free Pregnancy & Birth Resources

  • Notes For Parents
  • Mother Cuppa Magazine is packed full of useful posts about pregnancy, birth and baby.

Online Membership

 An exclusive way for expectant and new parents to…

  • gather reliable information
  • have conversation & discussion
  • ask questions
  • benefit from ongoing support and reassurance.

This is about having continued access to experience and knowledge and being able to ask questions during your pregnancy, as you prepare for birth and throughout the first few months with your baby.

It is about a dependable place so don’t feel like you are doing this on your own.

You will benefit from:
*a calm, knowledgeable approach
*working with a knowledgeable and experienced practitioner
*practical resources and downloads
*ongoing information, support and reassurance
*proven practical skills

What parents say

“Before I went into labour I was pretty scared but it was ok. I knew to go with it, to work with my contractions. I was much calmer that I expected – your course was invaluable.”

“Janine is calm and supportive and she gives confidence when you doubt everything you do.”

“Anyone who is pregnant needs to speak to Janine, she really knows her stuff.”

online membership

With a qualified & experienced antenatal teacher

As a qualified practitioner, I am trusted to provide reliable knowledge, non-judgemental support and reassurance.

My approach is to listen, to provide an experienced perspective, to help you to formulate plans and find what works for you and for your family.

I don’t have any agenda about what you ‘should’ do or about what type of birth is best, my role is to use my experience to provide you with good information so you are better equipped to navigate the unpredictability of birth as well as the chaos of early parenthood.

Based in the North East, I regularly work with parents from Newcastle, Northumberland, Gateshead and across Tyneside. With digital courses and online video sessions I now work with parents everywhere.

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Working with parents since 2002

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