Pregnancy Consultations

Pregnancy Consultations

Pregnancy consultations give you an opportunity to ask questions, gather information and talk through decisions as well as any worries. While pregnancy can be an exciting time, some women also feel isolated, unsupported and in need of a listening ear.

At some point during your pregnancy, you may want to talk through:

  • your antenatal care
  • where to have your baby, including at home
  • a previous birth
  • the loss of a baby and the anxiety that can come with being pregnant again
  • any anxieties about having a baby and the changes that can bring with it
  • any worries or concerns
  • low mood or anxiety
  • managing stress

You will benefit from:
*a calm, knowledgeable approach
*working with an experienced practitioner
*ongoing information, support and reassurance
*proven practical skills

Pregnancy Consultations: what parents say

“It was great to be able to focus on my anxieties during my pregnancy, I felt quite isolated and I just needed the space to talk it all through and make sense of it.”

“My husband and I met with Janine to discuss having a home birth and for general advise and guidance. Janine was so knowledgeable and gave us a wide range of information and points to consider in preparation for the birth. Janine made us feel totally relaxed and at home during the session and we can’t thank her enough for her time. We have since attended postnatal sessions with Janine because she has such a wide range of support available.”

Pregnancy Consultations: arranging your sessions

  • Your sessions will be by video call or over the phone if you prefer.
  • You can use the diary below to book a single 90-minute session (£55) or you can send me a message.
  • Just message me to organise three 1-hour sessions (£110) for ongoing information, support and reassurance.
  • You can pay for your sessions here.

A few words about why I offer pregnancy consultations…

Pregnancy can sometimes be isolating, when parents can benefit from some time to ask questions, to feel supported and to work through worries or practical issues.

Having worked with expectant parents for almost 20 years it feels important to provide a space for these sessions, which are often additional to birth preparation and can focus on issues around anxiety and mental health.

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Working with parents since 2002

Based in the North East, I regularly work with parents from Newcastle, Northumberland, Gateshead and across Tyneside.

With digital courses and online video sessions I can now work with parents everywhere.

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