Birth Focus Video – Epidural Essentials


Using An Epidural – for a foundation of knowledge, coping strategies, options and reassurance.

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Using An Epidural.

  • You will be able to watch this video from 8am on November 6 and, as soon as you have signed up, you will be able to ask me questions.
  • You will also be able to ask me questions throughout the day on November 6 – and for 48 hours afterwards.


This video and Q&A session provides you with a foundation of knowledge, coping strategies, options and reassurance. You will find out more about:

  • when and how an epidural is used
  • effects
  • benefits
  • managing it
  • using positions on the bed
  • birth partner support
  • what to be aware of
  • tips for using an epidural


In addition, you will also have the opportunity to:

  • develop your own birth plan with questions and strategies
  • think about what you might need and what you can do
  • know what questions to ask
  • know more about potential challenges and how to manage them
  • think about how you and your birth partner can work together


You can access this video on my website, where you will also be able to download the Epidural Essentials guide to read and use at home. All the details will be emailed to you but you can also message me with any queries.


With Janine Smith | A specialist in pregnancy, birth & early parenting

As an experienced antenatal teacher, I have taught antenatal classes and birth preparation sessions since 2002.


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