Practical Guides To Labour And Birth

practical guide to labour and birth

I have written a series of practical guides to labour and birth to accompany my antenatal classes and 1:1 consultations with expectant parents. I have now made all 16 titles available to download.

These guides are based on first-hand experience, parent experiences and latest research – they have been designed to prepare you well for the reality of labour and birth and to encourage you to think about your options. I have worked with expectant parents since 2002 and I listen to and learn from every parent I work with – this has a huge impact on my practice and it has enabled me to create a range of labour & birth handbooks which are straight-forward, realistic, practical and beneficial.

There are 16 practical guides to labour and birth taking you through the essentials.

These guides are packed full of information, ideas and strategies to encourage you to ask questions and think about your preparation for labour and birth.

  1. Early Labour
  2. Established Labour
  3. Giving Birth
  4. Relax & Breathe
  5. Pain Management
  6. Birth Support
  7. Labour & Birth Checklist
  8. Tips for Labour & Birth
  9. Your Birth Bag
  10. Your Birth Plan
  11. Caesarean Birth
  12. Going Over Your Due Date
  13. Induction
  14. Meeting Your Baby
  15. Delivering Your Placenta
  16. Your Body After Birth


Researched and written by Janine Smith, antenatal & postnatal specialist

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An experienced specialist in pregnancy, birth & early parenting, I have worked with parents since 2002. I am based in the North East so I regularly work with parents from Newcastle, Northumberland, Gateshead and across North Tyneside. Face-to-face sessions will continue with North East parents but digital courses and online sessions means I can work with parents everywhere.