Digital Relax & Breathe Course


This is Relax & Breathe for pregnancy, for birth and for when your baby is here.

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This digital Relax & Breathe Guide is about simple and effective techniques for pregnancy, birth and when your baby is here.

Through practice you will have skills to deal with pain & discomfort or feelings of anxiety, stress or panic. By bringing this into your day, just for a few minutes, you can make some time for you and boost your general wellbeing.

This guide includes 3 modules:

  • Relax & Breathe For Pregnancy
  • Relax & Breathe For Labour & Birth
  • Relax & Breathe For Beyond Birth

Which are accompanied by resources and audio files to download and use at home, as well as in labour.


Providing you with a foundation of robust knowledge, strategies and skills you can rely on…

  • during pregnancy
  • in labour
  • for birth
  • with induction
  • with caesareans
  • managing pain
  • managing anxiety
  • to stay calm
  • as you heal
  • to help soothe your baby


With Janine Smith | A specialist in pregnancy, birth & early parenting

As an experienced antenatal teacher, I have taught Relax & Breathe for over 10 years and now I have created effective resources for you to use at home.

  • As part of your effective birth preparation you can also book 1:1 sessions with me to talk it though, to ask questions and to feel better equipped for birth and the arrival of your new baby.