Reasons to book a sleep session


The main aim of my sleep sessions is to provide you with some good support and reassurance, along with good information and ideas for sleep and rest because you are a tired parent.

I have run 1:1 and small group sessions and no two sessions are the same – every parent has their own questions, concerns and expectations around sleep.

My sessions are based on the latest research as well as the individual needs of parents and their babies. I don’t talk about shoulds or have-tos – it is about finding what works for you and your baby or child.

Babies and children have their own sleep needs and it is normal for these needs to vary, depending on development, growth and changes to their day – we will talk through different ideas for settling your baby or child, for bedtime routines, for naps and for night-time sleep.

wordswag_1550779858347-1.pngThe Benefits…

You can attend a monthly baby sleep workshop or you can arrange a 1:1 session, especially if you have an older baby or child.

I am trained to run postnatal groups so the sessions provide an opportunity for your questions so we can tailor the information to your needs.

I have a relaxed attitude towards sleep – there are rarely quick fixes with sleep but there are always tweaks and things to try.

With practical information and suggestions, these sleep sessions are also about normalising baby sleep, encouraging realistic expectations about sleep and providing support for parents.

In addition to talking through potential sleep solutions, we will also talk through coping strategies for managing lack of sleep.

cropped-janine-birth-baby-network.jpgAbout me…

I am a specialist in early parenting and I have provided postnatal groups since 2008.

My work with parents is about providing a balance of good information, support and reassurance.

My training and experience also means I am able to provide effective postnatal sessions by having the time to listen, respond and help develop personalised plans and coping strategies.

I am also a mum of three.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Janine | Birth, Baby & Family
A specialist in pregnancy, birth and early parenting