Reasons to book your 1:1 session


After working with groups of parents, there was a demand for 1:1 sessions from mums who wanted private sessions. Mums now book appointments with me to focus on a range of personal challenges…

  • juggling different demands & responsibilities
  • loss of identity
  • managing and living with anxiety & low mood
  • focus & motivation
  • thinking room & headspace
  • stress management
  • the effects of the peri-menopause
  • work issues
  • lacking confidence
  • work/life balance
  • coping strategies and moving forward
  • setting goals and achieving them
  • having a chance to focus on you


The benefits…

These sessions are all about you – it is your chance to have the time to let off some steam, to have some thinking space and put together some effective plans and strategies to manage the challenges.

Making some time for you is also about boosting your wellbeing – it can ease any stress and anxiety you may be experiencing.

Focusing on you can also have a positive impact on your family – because you are better able to handle the challenges.

It is about achieving better balance, less stress, being listened to.

Amother cuppa mugbout Me…

As an experienced antenatal teacher and postnatal group leader, I have worked with parents since 2002 with groups and 1:1 sessions. Two years ago I trained as a coach to be able to work with women beyond the postnatal period – it is important to me to be able to provide on-going support for mums as the children grow and the personal challenges shift.

To find out more and to make your appointment, just send me a message.
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