Relax & Breathe for Birth

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With Relax & Breathe you can focus on using effective skills, combined with positions, during pregnancy, labour and birth.

Based on experience, research and proven techniques, you can relax during pregnancy and use robust strategies during labour and birth.

Knowing how to use your breathing, means you can…

  • relax & de-stress
  • head off any panic and be better prepared for panic points in labour
  • work with your contractions
  • manage your energy in labour
  • be as comfortable as possible
  • stay calm
  • enable your contractions to work effectively, which is important if you are induced or use an epidural
  • stay focused and calm if your birth plan changes and you need to gather information and quickly adapt to a new birth plan, which may include having a caesarean

You will also benefit from resources to use at home and during labour and birth.

Relax & Breathe provides an opportunity for birth partners to know how to stay calm and to provide effective support.

Relax & Breathe runs as a private session and it can be arranged at a time to suit you during your pregnancy.
Appointments take place in my teaching space in North Shields or it may be possible to come to your home. I also provide phone and video sessions if you live further away.
£35 | 90 minute session & resources to use at home and during labour

£60 | 2 x 90 minute sessions & resources to use at home and during labour


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With Janine Smith
specialist in pregnancy, birth and working with parents

I developed Relax & Breathe in 2009 and I have held sessions with expectant parents almost monthly since then. I love this session because I know how vital breathing skills can be to stay focused, to manage pain, to boost energy and to help with any anxiety or panic. 
I have worked with parents since 2002 and, as a practitioner with professional training and experience, I am trusted to provide a balance of reliable knowledge, non-judgemental support and much needed reassurance. My approach is not to tell you what to do – it is to listen, to provide you with the opportunity to ask questions, it is about providing ideas and information, helping you to formulate plans and to find what works for you and for your family.
The focus is on your wellbeing in pregnancy, for birth, as a parent and as you, the person behind the parent and I have created informal but effective small group and 1:1 sessions to benefit you.

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