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Bringing up teenagers

By Helen at Branch Counselling Bringing up teenagers can be a tough gig – there are many books, classes and groups when you have a baby and people understand when you tell them how hard it is. But, as children grow older the support lessens, there are fewer books are available and groups for parents of teens don’t really exist. We parents also need to be careful because, while it is totally acceptable to discuss the contents of your little one’s nappy, talking about the details of your teenager’s life can be inappropriate and they have the right to some privacy. For a parent, finding support from trusted friends or family members who can keep information to themselves is invaluable, because navigating the life of a teenager is so complex.   It is complex because their life is complex. A developing brain, a cocktail of hormones and changing bodies are difficult enough and that is before we look at the world around them. As adults we can feel the pressure to be a perfect parent, …

Tips for parenting a teenager

Teenagers can be a challenge and you can feel like you are struggling to know what to do

Teenage Behaviour & Development

This is a time of huge change and development – your child is becoming an adult and is changing physically, emotionally and socially. Relationships and friendships change and develop and they can be influenced more by their peers, their teachers, by social media and by youtubers than by their parents. For your child it can be a time of insecurity and isolation and for you it can be a time of conflict and of loss as your child starts to change and develop into an adult. Your teenager’s brain is still developing so they take more risks than adults, they have less self control and it can be difficult for them to read emotions – the world can be an exciting place but it can also be scary for them to learn to navigate on their own.   Physical Development a need for food and sleep acne may develop more sweat they can seem a bit clumsy   Girls still growing taller but at a slower pace – adult height may be reached by the time …

Teenage Behaviour

Teenage Behaviour – what they may be doing… arguing pushing against you and any boundaries focusing on and struggling with friends, who are more important to them being distant being secretive experimenting with their identity, who they are and what they like to do having sex they may not want to be seen in public with you developing and expressing an interest in the world thinks you don’t know anything and that you have never done anything misreading emotions and facial expressions wanting to make their own decisions sleeping more and staying up later smoking trying drugs Teenage Behaviour – what they need… no criticism or judgement on their opinions, choices and experimentations with their look to be able to come to you information and simple communication gentle planning sleep someone to listen when they need it  Teenage Behaviour – what you might need… to remember they are not rejecting you let go of control to listen to them offload to someone try not to take it personally have your own life   What are teenagers like …

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For Children & Teenagers

The need for good information, support, reassurance and classes doesn’t go away as your children get older. As Birth, Baby & Family is all about parent support and this continues as your children grow. I’m also keen to link you with more classes and services for your older children – this is being developed so I will be linking you with more classes and services. Decote Dance Academy – a range of dance classes for children and teenagers Puddle Ducks Swim Academy – for children aged 4-10 years old Branch Family Counselling – specialising in working with children aged 5 to 18 1:1 Parent Support Sessions with Birth, Baby & Family to focus on specific parenting issues or to focus on you as the personal challenges change