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Welcome to the practice for parents

Practical & Personalised Information and Reassurance For Pregnancy, Birth & Early Parenting As a professional practice for parents you will find friendly, simple, effective and honest knowledge, expertise and experiences. I have created sessions and resources based on evidence and professional/parent experiences. You can ask questions and talk through your experiences, fears and concerns to develop realistic plans and strategies for you and your family. “You were awesome throughout pregnancy and afterwards – I learnt so much and I felt supported and listened to.” I specialise in small group and 1:1 consultation sessions and there is also a range of online courses available.Here’s a guide to sessions for you… Pregnancy Sessions Birth & Baby Preparation Postnatal & Early Parenting Birth Debrief Coaching Sessions My website is also packed with information for you… Essentials For Pregnancy, Birth & Your New BabyInformation and tips for pregnancy, birth and as you adjust to life with your new baby Online CoursesAntenatal Course | Relax & Breathe | 4th Trimester | Baby Massage | Weaning Community My practice is about …