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Tyneside Antenatal Classes

Tyneside Antenatal Classes provides the complete antenatal course for expectant parents. Based on experience, evidence and proven practical skills, this course will help you to be more informed and better prepared for labour, birth and your new baby.

No two births and no two babies are the same and your need for information, support and reassurance can vary. As a practitioner I have worked with expectant and new parents for over 20 years, I passionately believe in good birth preparation beyond your ideal birth.

Only 27% of labours are currently without any intervention. So there is focus on working with and managing contractions along with knowing more about induction, caesareans, assisted deliveries and epidurals. This means you know more about your options, what to expect and you are more involved and informed.

So this course is about managing any challenges, making decisions and dealing with uncertainty, as well as having a foundation of knowledge so you have more realistic expectations and can focus on what you need.

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With Tyneside antenatal classes, you will know more about…

Labour & Birth

  • working with your contractions
  • managing your energy
  • pain management options
  • effective birth support
  • positions & movement
  • panic points and how to manage them

Relax & Breathe

  • knowing how to use your breathing with contractions, for more energy and to stay calm
  • managing any panic
  • easing aches and discomfort
  • having simple and effective breathing and relaxation techniques for pregnancy, birth and when your baby is here


  • being induced
  • instrumental deliveries
  • having a caesarean
  • knowing your options & making decisions

Beyond Birth

  • meeting your baby
  • your recovery
  • early days & weeks with your baby
  • reflecting on the birth of your baby

Postnatal Essentials

  • the 4th trimester
  • how babies work
  • baby sleep

Tyneside antenatal classes are ideal if you are expecting your first baby and it also works well as a refresher if you are getting ready to birth again.

This antenatal course will guide you through all you need to know for labour, birth and baby

With 5 sessions, this course has been designed to give you a blend of group sessions, digital resources and ongoing support throughout your third trimester.

Your course includes:

  • a range of labour, birth and baby guides, video and audio resources to read and use in your own time
  • 5 weekly group sessions
  • ongoing questions, conversation and support so I can check-in and see how you are doing

Each antenatal course is available to only 4 expectant parents

“Before I went into labour I was pretty scared but it was ok. I knew to go with it, to work with my contractions. I was much calmer than I expected – your sessions were invaluable.”

“I can’t thank you enough for your classes – I was able to say what I needed to do, I focused on my breathing and I trusted my body.”

“Thank you for such a great course – you made us aware of things we would never have considered and we were better able to make decisions, we knew more about options and we could work with our midwife.”

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Tyneside antenatal classes

Hello, I’m Janine, an antenatal & postnatal specialist.

Why work with me? I have worked with expectant and new parents for over twenty years, I work within maternity research and I attend births as a doula.

I’m really passionate about helping parents to prepare and plan, as well as to navigate the changes and the challenges.

With information, support and reassurance, I focus on you as an individual.

Working with parents since 2002

Tyneside antenatal classes will be launching soon – you can message me here with any questions or to join the waiting list.

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