Hexham Maternity Unit

This maternity unit has…

  • 4 ensuite rooms
  • a birthing pool
  • gas & air
  • pethidine
  • 7 ensuite postnatal rooms

It is a midwife-led unit so if any complications arise during labour, women are transferred by ambulance to the RVI.

The criteria to use the maternity unit…

  • your baby must be head down
  • you are pregnant with one baby
  • both you and your baby must be healthy with no additional concerns
  • your BMI needs to be lower than 35
  • you must be between 37-42 weeks when labour starts

My thoughts on Hexham Maternity Unit…
This unit is a great option for women who are classed as low-risk – it has been awarded the Northumbria Healthcare Making A Difference Award which included praise for its teamwork with pregnant women so they are more likely to know their midwife when they are in labour.

This is brilliant and the unit has been described by women as a relaxed, peaceful place to have a baby.

Hexham General Hospital, Corbridge Rd, Hexham NE46 1QJ

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