Having worked with expectant and new parents for 20 years, I am an antenatal and postnatal specialist.

I understand the needs and behaviour of parents and the issues affecting them in pregnancy, around birth, beyond birth and with a young family.

“With your knowledge, skills, perspective and empathy you make a difference to parents.”

“Great, practical advice from a very supportive and understanding person.”

“Janine really understands what parents need.

She provides a safe space to ask questions, share experiences, cry, celebrate successes and have support. She is a warm, kind and professional and she has made me feel more listened to than any other specialist.

She has a wealth of knowledge and experience, but uses emotional intelligence and intuition to really get to the heart of what might help you and your little one to get through the tough times of pregnancy and parenthood. Accessing her support has been a real comfort.”

Antenatal and postnatal content, courses and community

Content Specialist

By combining my writing skills with my antenatal and postnatal knowledge, I can create content, courses, guides, articles and resources to provide useful information based on evidence and experience.

Maternity Support For Employees

To invest in the wellbeing and confidence of your employees with a variety of resources which can include: antenatal and postnatal guides, courses and resources as well as a community with ongoing support.

Antenatal & Postnatal Adviser

Guidance and recommendations for classes and support programs to meet the needs of expectant and new parents.

Training & Development

Enhancing the skills and practice of antenatal and postnatal practitioners and parent group leaders.

Reaching and Working With Expectant & New Parents

Using specialist content, courses and community to help organisations build and maintain a relationship with parents.

Janine is always knowledgeable, flexible and friendly; frequently going above and beyond to accommodate the needs of researchers and the women attending the research sessions. These research discussion sessions simply would not be able to happen without Janine’s ongoing support and we are extremely grateful to be able to work with her.

Dr Allison Farnworth

Senior Research Midwife/Senior Research Methodologist and Patient and Public Involvement advisor.
Newcastle University.

After working with and writing for expectant and new parents since 2002, I am using my experience and knowledge in a different way. By working with organisations and businesses I can provide training, create content and ways to better support parents.


I can work with businesses and organisations from across the UK as well as internationally. How can I help you?