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The criticism of Meghan Markle

Crikey, where to start? Since her interview for ITV in which she has spoken about her struggles since becoming a mother and how very few people ask how she is, she has come in for a bit of a Twitter thrashing.

While there are plenty of women who sympathise with Meghan as she finds her feet as a new mum (not to mention a wife, a member of the Royal family and someone who has been targeting by our press) the criticism seems to take aim at her privilege, that she shouldn’t be struggling because she has money and help.

Becoming a mum can be one of the hardest transitions there is not enough people ask “How Are You Doing?” especially after those early weeks, when the expectation is that we have now adjusting, that we are over the hard bit.

I don’t know Meghan, never will, she could be being dramatic (after all she was an actress) but she could also be being really honest and open about how she feels as she adjusts to her new life.

I have worked with postnatal women for about 15 years now – women of different ages, women from all backgrounds, women with different careers and women with different sized purses. None of it matters. I have always said that becoming a mother is such a leveller of women – life changes, dramatically and it can take some adjusting to. Women become depressed – it doesn’t matter if they are rich or poor. One of the biggest postnatal struggles, which can lead to postnatal depression, is isolation and lack of support – mothers seek other mothers and I would guess that she is as isolated as they come.

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