New Baby Challenges

new parent challenges

The new baby challenges vary from family to family – some babies adapt easily to their new surroundings, while others need more time and reassurance as they adjust.

4th trimester

It’s important to remember that no two days are the same for a baby because their brain is always developing and growing.

Babies also react to any stress around them as well, which means they pick up on how we are feeling. If we are stressed, a baby may be more upset and need to cling more to us and it becomes a bit of a cycle.

new baby challenges

The early weeks with your new baby can feel chaotic with no routine or predictable patterns – this will most probably start to come after 3 months. While this chaos is very normal it can create stress and tiredness for you.

How to look after yourself during the 4th trimester…

  • Try not to battle with your baby – it is less stressful to work with your baby and to try to meet his needs.
  • The early days and weeks can be pretty intense so call in extra support if that is possible so you can rest, eat and have breaks.
  • Eat well and eat often – have healthy snacks (with some biscuits & chocolate as well) around the house so you can nibble frequently throughout the day.
  • Drink plenty of water – being dehydrated can make you tired
  • You are also healing from pregnancy and birth so take it easy and rest as often as possible.
  • Talk to someone (me) who can give you some reassurance and peace of mind
  • It can be really easy to overbook yourself, try to find what works best for you. Being busy works for some new mums but it can exhaust and overwhelm others.
  • New baby challenges are unique and it is easy to make comparisons. It is worth remembering that not everyone is open about their struggles and it is ok if you are overwhelmed by something that another mum is taking in her stride.

If your baby struggles to settle, if you are overwhelmed or if you think something might be wrong, seek some additional help from your health visitor or your GP.