Here’s why you need to feel safe in labour

how to feel safe in labour

Feeling safe can be crucial in labour and for birth, which is reliant on a balance of hormones. If you feel unsafe, scared, unsettled, panicky or overwhelmed your body might be creating too much adrenaline, which can affect how well your labour and birth flows – it can slow it down and it can make you tired.

If you are feeling unsafe when you are labouring, your body might hold on to your baby until your body relaxes again. And the opposite can also happen – stress can sometimes speed things up and you can birth very quickly, especially if you were close to pushing.

While labour and birth can always be a bit unpredictable, feeling unsafe doesn’t help. If you are feeling unsafe, ask yourself what needs to change?

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Always seek medical support if you are concerned about yourself or your baby. Even if it is just a feeling that something isn’t right.