What can impact your contractions?

Did you know that your contractions can be influenced by how safe and comfortable you feel in labour?

Your contractions are created by a balance of hormones and oxytocin creates strong, regular contractions but this can be impacted by how you feel.

So what can interfere with your oxytocin production and your contractions?

  • being alone and feeling vulnerable
  • feeling frightened and overwhelmed
  • feeling unsupported and not listened to
  • bright lights, noise and interruptions
  • travelling from home to hospital in labour
  • too many people and feeling watched
  • feeling uncomfortable and unable to use positions and gravity

All of these factors can mean that you can’t truly relax, rest and work with your contractions. Even if you are induced or have an epidural, it still helps to feel safe and supported.

There is new post in the Mother Cuppa Lounge looking at contractions – what they are, how they work and what they need to be effective.

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