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Some of this week’s conversations and questions

It’s been a busy week seeing parents face-to-face, writing and online, where I mainly live now. There have been many conversations about the motherload, feeling tired and keeping going this week. We have talked about what mums need because life with a baby (and possibly a toddler or pre-schooler as well) is busy and full on. Conversations have included: relax & breathe – using this as a parent as well as for birth baby sleep – what’s normal and what to expect postnatal expectations and thinking about this from pregnancy birth recovery – how varied this can be and how we need to talk about it more being induced – how to prepare combination feeding – when to start and how to do it the motherload – how long have you got?? birth preparation – contractions, energy and having a say in hospital with busy midwives I am always here to inform, support and reassure – it’s what I am trained to do and it’s what I am passionate about. Working with parents since 2002 …

Here’s what we talked about this week

These are some of the questions asked and conversations with parents this week. baby sleep toddler sleep epidurals, managing them and your options being induced and your options moving and using positions in labour and for birth birth debrief how to use your breathing so it makes a difference birth expectations No two weeks are ever the same and consultations with me are booked for very different reasons. I have worked with expectant and new parents for abut 20 years and I know there are very few solutions – it is too unique for that. What makes a difference is good information – based on evidence and experience – with good support and a good dollop of reassurance. This is what I do, this is the foundation of my practice. Working with parents since 2002

Pregnancy & Birth Conversations: January

I work with so many parents I am going to start to share just a little bit of the conversations we have and the questions I am asked. I started a new antenatal course last night with a brilliant group where conversation flowed and the questions kept coming. This is why I run small groups and 1:1 sessions, so parents can be honest, they can share and they have a platform to be heard and to focus on their need for knowledge, strategies and reassurance. It’s a privilege to do my job, I work hard at it, it’s my passion and I love working with parents in this way.