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feeling trapped in pregnancy

Pregnancy in your words: trapped

Some women feel trapped in pregnancy – the weight of responsibility can be heavy and, right from the moment you know you are pregnant, everything changes. You have to think about what you eat and drink, there can be a need to be as healthy as possible, you may have to give in to what your pregnant body needs and life has to alter. There can also be financial considerations, as well as work, relationships and family. For some people it can be a heavy load. And it can affect partners as well who can need to focus on security, work and getting it right. There isn’t a right way to feel or to do this and pregnancy can be a time of complicated emotions. But it definitely helps to talk it through, to make sense of how you are feeling. Working with parents since 2002 Say hello…Instagram | Facebook Group | Linkedin

I hated being pregnant

I hated being pregnant – 5 different experiences

The feeling of “I hated being pregnant” could be more common than you think. Pregnancy can be a complicated and emotional rollercoaster and it’s just not a blissful or happy experience for some women. Not all pregnancies are wanted or expected and some come with the added issues of illness and decision-making. Or you could have a very wanted pregnancy, everything is going well but you hate it – not everyone has to enjoy those 9 months, even though that is probably the hope and expectation. Over the years I have spoken to hundreds of pregnant women and everyone’s experience is so individual but not many women feel comfortable about saying “I hated being pregnant.” I hated being pregnant – feeling ill “I just felt so ill – right from the beginning I felt really nauseous, day and night. I was never actually sick but I felt constantly sea sick. I kept waiting for it to get better but it never really did – it eased a bit during my second trimester but came back …

Pregnancy in your words: amazing

Some women feel truly amazing during pregnancy – they can feel well, they can feel happy, they can feel awesome. I love how different and individual pregnancy can be. While it can be challenging for some women, it can be amazing for others who feel brilliant. Working with parents since 2002 Say hello…Instagram | Facebook Group | Linkedin

Pregnancy in your words: confused

Pregnancy can be really straight-forward when all you need to do is attend your midwife appointments and then start to prepare for birth and baby. Or it can be slightly more complicated, with additional appointments, a care plan and conflicting guidance, which can lead to confusion about what decisions to make, what questions to ask, how to plan and what to do next. You can book a session with me to talk it through, as well as make sure you keep asking questions during your appointments so you have a better understanding of what is going on and what your options are – make a list of questions before each appointment so you don’t forget and so you can gather the information you need. Working with parents since 2002 Say hello…Instagram | Facebook Group | Linkedin

Pregnancy in your words: exhausted

There is something unique about the exhaustion of pregnancy, especially in those early weeks when everything can feel like an effort and you could cry with tiredness. Not everyone experiences it but some women can feel that every cell in their body is tired. Throughout pregnancy, tiredness can just hit and all you need to do is sleep, especially towards the end of pregnancy where you can truly feel like you are growing another human being. It can be one reason why some women decide to finish work earlier than planned because exhaustion just hits and the days can feel tough. If it is an option, giving yourself a little bit of time at the end of pregnancy to rest and nap as you need to – especially because night sleep can become so interrupted – can give you more energy for labour, birth and recovery. Learning to use your breathing can also be a simple way to boost your energy as it can also ease any aches and stress. It’s not always easy but …