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Links to useful organisations

Here are links to a range of websites and social media accounts for pregnancy, birth and early parenting… Pregnant Then ScrewedSupport for women who have faced maternity or pregnancy discrimination, including free legal advice For pregnancy & birth… Mama AcademyHelping babies arrive safely Kicks CountThe baby movement resource and awareness campaign TommysFunding research into stillbirth, premature birth and miscarriage, and providing information for parents-to-be Twins TrustSupporting twins, triplets and more For new parents… BlissFor babies who are born premature or sick Lullaby TrustSafer sleep for babies BasisBaby sleep information source Pandas FoundationSupport for families coping with pregnancy and postnatal mental illnesses MINDFor better mental health KellymomEvidence-based information on breastfeeding La Leche LeagueBreastfeeding support The Nappy LadyWashable nappy help North East Sling LibrarySling hire and advice for parents across the North East For babyloss… SANDSAdvice and support for stillbirth and neonatal death Useful social media… Janine Smith Practice – for pregnancy, birth & early parentingInstagram: @janinesmithpractice & @mothercuppamagazineFacebook: @janinesmithpractice Lucy Webber Lactation ConsultantFacebook: @lucywebberbreastfeeding Legendairy MilkInstagram: @legendairymilk The Nappy LadyFacebook: @thenappylady North East Sling LibraryFacebook: @northeastslings …

pregnancy and birth words

Pregnancy & Birth Words

A Afterpains Cramping with discomfort or pain as the uterus contracts and shrinks Anaesthetist The doctor who administers epidural, spinals and a general anaesthetic Antenatal The period during pregnancy Assisted Delivery Birth using ventouse or forceps Augmentation of labour To increase and strengthen contractions after labour has started B Bear Down Pushing during the birth of your baby BMI Body Mass Index – measuring your height and your weight to calculate your healthy weight Birth Canal The vagina Birth Centre A midwifery-led maternity unit Birth Pool A large pool of water used for pain relief so a labouring woman’s boobs, bump and back are submerged in the water. Breech When a baby’s position in pregnancy is bum first C Caesarean When your baby is born through an incision in the abdomen Catheter A thin tube which is usually used to empty the bladder Cervix The neck of the uterus D Delivery Suite The room to labour and birth in at hospital Diamorphine An opiate drug offered in labour Dilation The opening of the cervix needs …

Vitamins for babies & children

A quick Facebook chat with new mums this week has confirmed what I thought – there is a lot of confusion, conflicting advice and lack of information about baby vitamins. So I have attempted to gather together the range of information and discussion to make more sense of baby and child vitamins… Babies The NHS recommends that breastfed babies are given a daily supplement of Vitamin D (8.5-10 micrograms). If your baby has more than 500ml of formula per day, then you do not need to supplement. UNICEF states that giving babies Vitamin D is just a precaution because there is very little evidence of significant deficiency in babies. From speaking to mums and having a google, there is also some confusion about their Vitamin D intake and whether that is enough for their breastfed baby. Kellymom has some brilliant information as well as a great article which refers to research which has found that breastfeeding women would need to take more than the recommended 10mcg: from 50-100mcg would provide enough vitamin D for mum …

family days out in the north east

Family Days Out in the North East

Family days out across the North East for babies, toddlers and older children

Baby Friendly Cafes in Newcastle and Tyneside

A quick guide to baby-friendly cafes in Newcastle and North Tyneside