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Where you can read, learn and talk about pregnancy, birth and early parenting. After working with parents for 20 years, I am developing a trusted source of information, support and reassurance for parents across the North East. I am building a space where you can read, learn and talk about the different aspects of pregnancy, birth, babies and early parenting. You can follow me on Instagram and Facebook so you get all the posts and updates and can take a wander around the website, which is packed full of useful articles and guides. Content for parents With essential posts, resources, tips and experiences, North East Birth & Baby is about good information and reassurance – all based on evidence and experience. North East Birth & Baby will… North East Birth & Baby is part of the Janine Smith Practice And then there’s me – I am Janine, an experienced antenatal and postnatal practitioner and writer. I have 3 children, 2 nephews and I have worked with thousands of parents over the last 20 years. I …

Links to useful organisations

Here are links to a range of organisations and social media accounts for pregnancy, birth and early parenting… For pregnancy & birth… Janine Smith Practice A specialist in pregnancy, birth & early parenting Mother Cuppa MagazineA digital magazine to inform, reassure and empower during pregnancy, for birth and with a young family Mama AcademyHelping babies arrive safely Kicks CountThe baby movement resource and awareness campaign TommysFunding research into stillbirth, premature birth and miscarriage, and providing information for parents-to-be Twins TrustSupporting twins, triplets and more BirthrightsAn authority on human rights in pregnancy and childbirth in the UK Make Birth BetterCampaigning to make birth better Birth Trauma AssociationSupporting women who experience birth trauma Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists (RCOG) Guidelines to aid good clinical practice For new parents… Janine Smith Practice A specialist in pregnancy, birth & early parenting Mother Cuppa MagazineA digital magazine to inform, reassure and empower during pregnancy, for birth and with a young family BlissFor babies who are born premature or sick Lullaby TrustSafer sleep for babies BasisBaby sleep information source Pandas FoundationSupport for …

useful information for expectant and new parents

Useful Information

A range of useful information and essential links for expectant and new parents. Mother Cuppa MagazinePregnancy| Birth Preparation | Labour & BirthNew Baby| FeedingChecklists | Tips | BabylossUseful Links Copyright: Janine Smith

antenatal and postnatal health professionals

Pregnancy, Birth & Baby Health Professionals

Here’s a quick guide to the main health professionals who can provide care and support during pregnancy, birth and with your new baby. Community Midwife Your midwife will see you throughout your pregnancy, usually at a community clinic. Their role is to check your health as your pregnancy progresses, to monitor your baby, to arrange your ultrasound scans and to make any referrals to the hospital if there are any concerns. Community midwives also attend homebirths and see you after your baby has been born – they can call in to see you at home for within the first 10 days. Hospital Midwife Hospital midwives provide care throughout labour and on the postnatal ward, as well as on the antenatal ward for women who need to be admitted into hospital during pregnancy. Their role is to provide support, reassurance and encouragement; to assess your health; to listen to your baby’s heartbeat and to care for you and your baby during your time on the maternity ward. Independent Midwife These are fully qualified, self-employed midwives who …

pregnancy and birth words

Pregnancy & Birth Words

Here’s a quick guide to the words, terms and abbreviations that could be part of your pregnancy and birth. A Afterpains Cramping with discomfort or pain as the uterus contracts and shrinks Anaesthetist The doctor who administers epidural, spinals and a general anaesthetic Antenatal The period during pregnancy AROM or Artificial rupture of membranes. Breaking the waters /rupturing the amniotic sac during labour or as part of the induction process to encourage strong contractions Assisted Delivery Birth using ventouse or forceps Augmentation of labour To increase and strengthen contractions after labour has started B Bear Down Pushing during the birth of your baby BMI Body Mass Index – measuring your height and your weight to calculate your healthy weight BP Blood pressure Birth Canal The vagina Birth Centre A midwifery-led maternity unit Birth Pool A large pool of water used for pain relief so a labouring woman’s boobs, bump and back are submerged in the water. Breech When a baby’s position in pregnancy is bum first C Caesarean When your baby is born through an …