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Baby massage in lockdown

Running baby massage sessions in a lockdown has been an interesting challenge – this video-phobe has been forced has been forced to just crack on and get on with it! It’s obviously not the same as a friendly gathering of mums and babies, having tea and cake by the fire but it is working as well as it can over video screens. Mums are able to spend time massaging their baby, learning the different massage strokes to settle and soothe their baby at different times of the day. But the sessions are also allowing mums to ‘gather’ together to chat, to share their experiences of parenting in the lockdown and to ask normal questions about all things baby. As a postnatal practitioner, I love running baby massage sessions to provide an informal, comfortable and safe space for mums to offload, share, ask questions, be reassured and make friends. It’s great to see mums find their feet, to get to know their baby, to chat and to relax. Video sessions aren’t quite the same but I …

Baby Massage Tips

I love baby massage – I have taught sessions almost every week for 10 years now. The sessions are great for parents and it also helps to settle and soothe, it can calm and it can ease wind and poo issues… Just get in touch to find out more about my baby massage courses.

New Baby Services and Groups

New baby services are essential in those early days weeks with your new baby, as you start to find your feet. Life may feel chaotic and overwhelming and good postnatal groups and services can make a big difference to you. Breastfeeding support La Leche League provides support and drop-in sessions women who are breastfeeding. to search for your local groups Sling hire & consultations North East Sling Library provides sling hire as well as private consultations for parents across the North East. to find our more and to find your local sling library My Postnatal Sessions Mother Cuppa I run weekly sessions for information, support and reassurance – as well as company, conversation, tea & cake – for you to come along to with your baby from new to crawling. Suitable from birth. Baby Massage I run a 5 week course for mums and their babies. I run small groups so sessions are informal and friendly with conversation, tea, cake and reassurance about all things baby. The sessions are relaxing for the mums …

Baby Massage Feedback

Baby Massage is one of my favourite postnatal classes – the sessions are informal, with conversation, a chance to ask questions and both mums and babies can relax.

Reasons to book baby massage

The aim of my baby massage course is to provide comfortable. relaxing sessions for mums and their babies. Your baby can enjoy the sensory lights while you can sit back and chat with the other mums, ask questions and get reassurance on all things baby with tea and cake. The benefits… With small groups, you can feel sit back and relax with your baby. You will receive a baby massage oil and handouts to use at home In addition to learning and using effective baby massage techniques to help settle and sooth your baby, my main aim is to provide enjoyable sessions for you. I am trained to run postnatal groups so my sessions provide an opportunity for you to ask questions about you and your baby. About me… I am a specialist in early parenting – I have provided regular postnatal groups since 2008 and baby massage since 2010. My work with parents is about providing a balance of good information, support and reassurance.┬áMy training and experience also means I am able to provide …