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Beyond Birth

An online birth workshop to provide effective preparation for those first hours, days and weeks after childbirth. Meeting your baby Preparing your home Early days & weeks Coping strategies Rest & recovery With resources to read and use at home. You will benefit from working with an experienced birth practitioner to provide you with essential information and options and the opportunity to ask questions as you prepare well for the birth of your baby. In addition, you will also have the opportunity to:*develop your own birth plan with questions and strategies*think about what you might need and what you can do*know what questions to ask*know more about potential challenges and how to manage them*have resources to reflect on the birth of your baby The online birth workshops feature as part of membership to the Mother Cuppa Community… The birth workshops run over Zoom and we will talk through the information & images so you have a chance to ask questions These are interactive sessions so you can ask questions or write them down in the …

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New Baby Essentials

Good information and reassurance is important as you find your feet your with your new baby. These pages focus on providing you with essential knowledge, tips and suggestions for life with your new baby… Popular Posts…Loneliness of motherhoodCan I cuddle my baby too much?Enjoy Every Second?Making a rod for my back

New Baby Essentials

These new baby essentials provide a range of information, ideas and tips to boost your knowledge and wellbeing throughout the early days and weeks with your new baby. Babies are not all the same and neither are parents so your need for information, support and reassurance as preparation and as you adjust to life with your new baby can vary. These guides provide a foundation of useful information so you know more of what to expect, what you can do and the questions to ask about your baby. Working with parents since 2002 With consultations, digital guides and courses, my practice is here for you every step of the way. You can also become a member for exclusive content, discussion and a place to ask questions. Copyright: Janine Smith

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5 essentials to boost your baby preparation

Baby preparation is as important as birth preparation – to think about what you and your new baby might need, what to expect and how to prepare your home. 1) Baby Preparation – essentials for your new baby It’s really easy to buy loads in order to feel better prepared, it can certainly make some of the anxiety about looking after a newborn easier to handle. But new babies need very little. Clothing – sleepsuits, body suits, socks and a hat nappies, cotton wool, cleaning cloths, wipes (depending on how you are planning to do it) changing mat changing bag cellular blankets and sheets somewhere safe to sleep – moses basket, cot, your bed sling car seat/pram system large and small muslin squares bottles/formula/breastpump/silicon breastpump/sterilizing equipment – if you want an alternative to breastfeeding v pillows for feeding towels, baby sponge/cloth baby bath or a bath support (or you can use the sink or pop baby in the bath with you) You will add to this as you need it and as your baby grows …