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birth preparation essentials

Birth Preparation Essentials

At some point in your pregnancy, you will start to focus on birth. These pages provide a range of essential knowledge and practical skills to help you plan and prepare for the birth of your baby.

birth preparation

Birth Preparation Essentials

These birth preparation essential guides provide a range of information, ideas and tips to boost your knowledge and wellbeing for all births. No two births are the same and your need for information, support and reassurance can vary. As a practitioner who has worked with expectant parents for 20 years, I passionately believe in good education for all births – not just your ideal birth. These guides provide a foundation of essential knowledge, strategies and practical information as part of your labour and birth preparation so you know more of what to expect, what you can do and the questions to ask. There is also focus on baby preparation – this can be as crucial as birth preparation so you are more informed for the first hours and days with your new baby. Through this website and my social media accounts you can read practical articles and posts along with different experiences and comment about all things pregnancy, birth and early parenting. Working with parents since 2002 Say hello…Instagram | Facebook Group | Linkedin Copyright: Janine Smith 2020

writing your birth plan

Here’s how to make your birth plan effective and realistic

Your birth plan can be a really powerful way to share whatever is important to you, to inform your midwife and to encourage good communication. You might be reluctant to make a birth plan because it could feel rigid and you would rather go with the flow. However, making a plan or listing your preferences for labour and meeting your baby means you have thought about it and you would like to be kept informed of your options. It’s a way of communicating effectively with your midwife. Birth plans don’t have to be rigid – in fact I think it’s important for flexibility – it is simply a way of putting yourself at the centre of your care. No two labours are the same and labouring women can have different needs and expectations. Writing something down can help your midwife to quickly get to know you, what matters to you and what you might want support with. My recommendation for your birth plan is to keep it simple, straightforward and focused on what is important …

pregnancy 3rd trimester

Third trimester

Your 3rd trimester – From 28 weeksA third trimester guide to how you might be feeling, what is happening in your body and your pregnancy care. This could be the time when you well and truly feel like you are making a human being. As your bump gets bigger and your baby kicks, it can be a great time to bond with your baby. How you might be feeling during your third trimester You could be enjoying those wriggles and kicks from your baby. There may be more aches and pains in your back and hips as your body changes to accommodate your growing baby. Your tiredness could return as your body adapts to carrying the extra weight of your weight and amniotic fluid. Your sleep may also be affected if you struggle to get comfortable and you may need frequent trips to the loo. Some pregnant women start to feel sick again. This could be linked to tiredness or indigestion as your expanding womb means there’s less room in your stomach. Your growing womb can …