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tips for birth preparation

Tips for birth preparation

These tips for birth preparation are for every birth. Whether you want a waterbirth, are having an induction or you are booked in for a caesarean – there is power in doing birth on purpose. Putting yourself at the centre of your care is all about knowing your options, having a say and asking questions. This means you can be better prepared for the reality of labour and birth and what it might involve. Labour and birth can be unpredictable so pregnancy is a time to start gathering knowledge and skills and to get your head ready for what you can do and what you might need. I have worked with expectant parents since 2002 as a childbirth educator and as a doula. And I have also had three of my own babies, which all required different preparation. I passionately believe that it helps to: know more about the reality of birth. Labour and birth can be about contractions, tiredness, decisions, doubt, strength and vulnerability. There is great strength in knowing where the challenges might …