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Feeding Your New Baby

Good information, reassurance and links to useful support can be important as you learn to feed your new baby. These pages focus on the essential basics for feeding your new baby…

Formula Feeding Basics

A quick guide to formula feeding basics and making up a bottle – you might be using formula for all of your baby’s feeds or just one or two throughout the day. Formula Feeding Basics: Making-up bottles Fill your kettle with fresh cold water, boil and then leave to cool for 30 minutes (so it lowers to 70c) With clean hands, fill the bottle with the correct amount of water. *With the scoop, measure the powder, level it off with the leveller or a clean knife and add to the bottle. (Follow the instructions for the formula you are using and only use the scoop that comes with that formula.) Add the teat and lit and shake so the powder dissolves. Cool the formula down by running the bottle under a cold water tap or a standing the bottle in a jug of cold water. You can test the temperature of the milk on your wrist before offering it to your baby. Formula Feeding Basics: How much milk? Your baby’s stomach will hold small amounts …

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Sterilising Basics

This is a quick guide to sterilising basics – if you are using bottles for formula or breastmilk, they need to be cleaned and sterilised before your baby uses them. There has been much discussion about whether equipment used with breastmilk needs to be sterilised because breastmilk is without the potential bacteria that could be in formula. The guidance doesn’t distinguish between breast or formula. The NHS guidance for cleaning and sterilising your bottles includes…cleaning bottles and teats in hot water as soon as possible after a feed, using bottle and teat brushes to clean thoroughly and then rinsing with cold water. After an initial clean with bottle and teat brushes you can use the dishwasher to continue to clean bottles and teats but they will still need sterilising. Sterilising Basics: you can sterilise with either… a steam steriliser – following the instructions, as each steriliser can be slightly different. These often hold a few bottles and takes a few minutes. microwave sterilising – some bottles can be sterilised individually in the microwave or you …

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Feeding Essentials

Practical information, ideas and tips for expectant and new parents to prepare for and to know more about the essential basics of feeding your new baby. Working with parents since 2002 With consultations, digital guides and courses, my practice is here for you every step of the way. You can also become a member for exclusive content, discussion and a place to ask questions. Copyright: Janine Smith