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Caesarean Preparation

Caesarean preparation is essential because the rate in the UK currently sits at about 26% with an fairly equal split between planned and unplanned. Reasons for caesarean can vary from medical need – to ensure the safety of both mum and baby; choice for personal reasons; preference if also faced with induction; labour and induction are taking a long time. As an antenatal teacher, I think it is important to know something about what to expect with a caesarean, even if you aiming to have as natural a labour as possible. Labour & birth can be unpredictable, so some caesarean preparation and knowledge could make a difference to you. If you are having a PLANNED CAESAREAN, you will have a pre-op appointment, this is opportunity to ask questions and to gather the information you may need to feel secure and to know what is going to happen on the day. If you are having an UNPLANNED CAESAREAN, so labour or induction has started, you should be informed of the reasons why a caesarean has become …

Birth Preparation Series

I am writing a series of posts to focus on how you can prepare, plan and do to encourage a positive birth where you are more involved and included in your care and with any decisions rather than leaving it to chance and simply going with the flow. The different series will look at:How to prioritise a straightforward labour & birthHow to plan and manage a more medicalised birthHow to plan and prepare for a caesarean birth And I will also be including information about how to adjust if your birthplan needs to change. As an antenatal teacher, I am passionate about personalised birth preparation, so you are informed and equipped with effective knowledge and strategies and so you can work equally with midwives and doctors as much as possible with plans and decisions so you are included and involved. If you have any queries about preparing for birth, just send me a message and you can also follow: #tynesidebirth Janine – a specialist in pregnancy, birth & early parentingAntenatal CourseRelax & Breathe1:1 Birth Preparation