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Labour & Birth Checklist

This labour & birth checklist works as a quick reminder to focus on you when you are in labour. There can be a lot going on so it is easy to forget the small, important details. There’s a lot of simple things that can make a huge difference to how you are feeling from those early contractions, right through to giving birth. Here’s a quick guide to your labour & birth checklist… are you using your breathing? You can use your relaxation and breathing techniques to remain calm, to help your contractions and to give you energy. can you rest? Using positions to rest and conserve energy can be crucial, especially if labour is over several hours. do you need to move/change position? Listen to your body, move about to be as comfortable as possible. do you need to eat? Food is important for both you and your baby during labour. You might need to snack regularly or you could be ravenous. are you going to the loo regularly? Your baby needs every bit of …