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Family Directory – older children, teenagers and families

The Family Directory is an essential guide to the best services and practitioners for parents, along with a range of brilliant gifts and products for families. These small businesses provide brilliant classes and support for older children, for teenagers and for parents. Parent Consultations – to focus on you, the person behind the parent, as you deal with the changing parenting challenges. I am based in the North East and I work with parents everywhere. Branch Counselling Service – for parents, children and teenagers Decote Dance Academy – classes and performances for children and teenagers across North Tyneside Puddle Ducks Swim Academy – swimming lessons for children across Tyneside (4-10 years old) Working with parents since 2002 Say hello…Instagram | Linkedin

Mothers and the emotional load

Much is written about the motherload – the organising of children’s schedules and the household, – but let’s focus on the emotional load for a second – feeling responsible for, monitoring and worrying about your child’s wellbeing and development. It’s a huge load to carry, it takes time and investment and it can be overwhelming and exhausting. It’s part of the parenting package, it is crucial to older children and teenagers yet it is another invisible role often of mothers although I am sure plenty of dads take this on as well. Children always need our time and attention, as parents we need to listen to what they are really saying through, often through their actions rather than their words. And this is vital as children get older and then become teenagers – we often need to be their cheerleader, their counsellor, their life coach and their personal assistant (in addition to taxi driver, cook and entertainment’s officer) for them and their friends. This role starts when we carry our newborn baby when they need …