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Family Directory – for you

The Family Directory is an essential guide to the best services and practitioners for parents, along with a range of brilliant gifts and products for families. Because it is also important to focus on you and your own wellbeing… 1:1 Sessions for Parents with Janine Smith – for you, the person behind the parent, to focus on life balance, less stress, plans, headspace and personal challengesHula Hooping & Zumba for fitness and wellbeing Beginners Yoga with Yoganic– for women across Tyneside Reflexology & massage – for your wellbeing Branch Counselling Service – additional support for you and your family Frankie Aitchison Psychotherapy & Counselling – wellbeing for women

Coaching For Parents

These are professional 1:1 sessions for you, the person behind the parent, to gain support, motivation and focus for different personal challenges while also balancing your responsibilities as a parent. This is about providing individualised, confidential and non-judgemental sessions to talk through and focus on the challenges affecting you which could include… feeling overwhelmed and in need of some thinking space stress management working towards better life balance developing effective coping strategies working through parenting and family challenges thinking through work challenges focus for decision-making focusing on what you need and what changes could be made needing clarity, focus and motivation focusing on you, to address the challenges and to boost wellbeing being the parent you want to be Why do I work parents? Being a parent can be an all-consuming job with little time left to focus on you, your own wellbeing, ambitions and the balancing act that your life may well involve. These 1:1 sessions are about focusing on your needs, while also being mindful of how they fit in with meeting the …