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Early Days With A Newborn

The early days with a newborn means you are probably learning fast that your beautiful baby doesn’t come with any instructions. You may be feeling more than a little lost and there are no easy solutions but this could be helpful for you… Early days with a newborn: the first 5 days In these early few days, you need to rest, be comfortable and be looked after as you feed, look after and get to know your baby.Focus on having 5 days in bed to properly rest and recharge. Early days with a newborn: 6-10 days This is still a time to rest, recharge and to be looked after. Focus on being on your bed/sofa for these 5 days so you are still resting, snoozing and being with your baby but you may be pottering about a bit more. Early days with a newborn: 11-15 days Depending on how you feel, you could be doing a bit more, getting outside now and seeing more visitors. Even if you feel well, it is still beneficial to …