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Reasons To Babywear

Cuddles & contact – you and your baby both need this for bonding and to feel more relaxed. To chat with your baby – this can aid her speech development and it includes her in your world, which many babies love. This can also help to keep your baby settled if this helps him to feel safe. To get stuff done – because sometimes you need both hands to get a wash done or to make sure you eat! Sleep – many babies settle pretty quickly in a sling, which means they get a much needed nap. To settle your baby – she could be happier and calmer in a sling. If she is unsettled because she needs a sleep, she’s had her vaccinations, she’s having a growth spurt, she has reflux or she’s a new, unsettled baby, a sling could make all the difference. Research by Hunkizer & Barr found that regular babywearing meant that babies cried 43% less during the day and 57% in the evening. To keep your baby close – this …

New Baby Services and Groups

New baby services are essential in those early days weeks with your new baby, as you start to find your feet. Life may feel chaotic and overwhelming and good postnatal groups and services can make a big difference to you. Breastfeeding support La Leche League provides support and drop-in sessions women who are breastfeeding. to search for your local groups Sling hire & consultations North East Sling Library provides sling hire as well as private consultations for parents across the North East. to find our more and to find your local sling library My Postnatal Sessions Mother Cuppa I run weekly sessions for information, support and reassurance – as well as company, conversation, tea & cake – for you to come along to with your baby from new to crawling. Suitable from birth. Baby Massage I run a 5 week course for mums and their babies. I run small groups so sessions are informal and friendly with conversation, tea, cake and reassurance about all things baby. The sessions are relaxing for the mums …

10 Reasons To Babywear

Find out more about babywearing as well as the North East Sling Library

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For Babies & Toddlers

So, you have a baby, a toddler and maybe both. Life is busy, there’s plenty of juggling and you may be in need of information, support, reassurance as well as brilliant classes. Birth, Baby & Family is all about parent support – so you can benefit from good information, support and reassurance – and the Business Network brings you a range of beneficial services… Tumbles & Grumbles – first aid workshops for parents & grandparents plus Little Rescuers for toddlers and preschoolers North East Sling Library – sling advice and hire for parents with babies and toddlers Buggyfit & Postnatal Exercise with Debbie Donaldson Branch Family Counselling Mother Cuppa for mums on maternity leaves with Birth, Baby & Family 1:1 Parent Sessions with Birth, Baby & Family And a range of brilliant classes for you and your baby or toddler to enjoy together… Baby Massage Tots Play Piccolo Music Sing & Sign Puddle Ducks Decote Preschool Dance Academy Baby Ballet Decote Diggers