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Coaching For Parents

These are professional 1:1 sessions for you, the person behind the parent, to gain support, motivation and focus for different personal challenges while also balancing your responsibilities as a parent. This is about providing individualised, confidential and non-judgemental sessions to talk through and focus on the challenges affecting you which could include… feeling overwhelmed and in need of some thinking space stress management working towards better life balance developing effective coping strategies working through parenting and family challenges thinking through work challenges focus for decision-making focusing on what you need and what changes could be made needing clarity, focus and motivation focusing on you, to address the challenges and to boost wellbeing being the parent you want to be Why do I work parents? Being a parent can be an all-consuming job with little time left to focus on you, your own wellbeing, ambitions and the balancing act that your life may well involve. These 1:1 sessions are about focusing on your needs, while also being mindful of how they fit in with meeting the …

Parent Wellbeing

1:1 sessions for parents across Newcastle and Tyneside

Mum Wellbeing

1:1 sessions for women across Newcastle & Tyneside to focus on stress management, life balance, plans and strategies, as well as wellbeing

1:1 Sessions For Parents

Whether you have a baby, toddler, older children or teenagers, chances are life is busy – with juggling responsibilities, meeting everyone’s needs and generally keeping on top of everything. As a parent you may feel overwhelmed at times, in need of some headspace, in need of a rest and a need to do something for you. You might also feel overwhelmed by your desire to get it right, to not mess up this parenting – the expectations and pressure can be enormous. Babies, children and teenagers are always developing, growing and adapting and, as such, you as a parent are always learning and adapting to the changes in your children. Getting support and reassurance about what is normal, what to expect and how to work with and manage these changes and different behaviour can make a huge difference in your confidence and ability. The challenges of being a parent are varied – children will fill us with enormous love and pride as well as enormous frustration mixed with a huge dollop of guilt and worry. …

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For You

Birth, Baby & Family is all about parent support and I am keen to link you with more classes and services for you – this is being developed so I will be expanding this list… wellbeing & fitness Massage & reflexology with Julia at Sanctuary House Hula Hooping for Fitness with Debbie Donaldson Zumba with Jo at Decote Dance 1:1 Parent Support – with Birth, Baby & Family for parenting challenges plus personal focus, planning, change, motivation and work/life balance counselling & therapy Branch Counselling Service – with Helen for family counselling and additional support for you as parents Frankie Aitchison Pyschotherapy & Counselling – for women of all ages to focus on a range of issues including low mood & identity, grief & loss, relationship challenges, life changes, isolation and loneliness.