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Mental Health And Being A Parent

Parenting comes with a range of emotions and feelings, it is so unique for each of us. Good support, reassurance, talking, reaching out and honesty can make a huge difference to how we feel and how we cope – sometimes there are solutions, sometimes there are not. pride uncertainty confidence anxiety depression unmotivated fiesty empowered afraid isolated supported vulnerable strong despair selfless frustration love laughter lack of confidence overwhelming love able low mood unable anger calm fulfilled lost grief happiness love family selfish alone confused emotional love organised challenged in control responsible heartache out of control tense relaxed whole complete love overwhelmed sad afraid joy instinctive envious brave connected disconnected guilt love content struggling included satisfied ok excluded trapped grown-up tired failure energised fine focused loved clouded helpless powerful unhappy ignored hope The intensity and severity of these feelings will be different for every parent. For some, the negatives are fleeting but for others they are consuming and more support may be needed, although talking it through and getting a boost is always worthwhile. A …