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2. Your Baby, Your Family

Providing postnatal support and sessions for those early days, weeks, months with your baby is one of my passions. As a qualified postnatal practitioner, I have worked with parents for a number of years. My practice is based on research, experience and the different needs of parents to provide you with good information, coping strategies and reassurance. My role is not to tell you what to do or how to parent. I am here to listen, to provide ideas and perspective. With calm reassurance, I am here to help you with ongoing strategies and plans so you can find what works for you and your family. All of my postnatal sessions are about small groups and 1:1 sessions with conversation, offloading, questions and easing isolation. Postnatal Sessions Postnatal ConsultationsTo focus on your individual needs as a parents with good information, support and reassurance:new baby | baby sleep | being a mum | feeding | weaning | birth debrief | changing relationships | going back to work Baby MassageWelcoming, supportive and friendly groups with conversation and an …


Lockdown: postnatal observations and making memories

I speak to mums with babies most days and this has continued in lockdown – we have had conversations about specific baby issues but sessions inevitably turn to the lockdown and they are doing. The mums with new babies at the start of this were welcome of the chance to hibernate with their partners, to get to know their babies, to work out feeding and find some rhythm on their own without well-meaning advice and comparisons. Now these mums are starting to feel robbed of the maternity leave they were expecting – meeting other mums, seeing other babies, going to groups, being able to ask questions and getting support and reassurance. Not to mention, they are missing out on medical assessments such as getting their baby weighed, although there may be some positives to this. As a postnatal practitioner, baby weight gain is usually a huge topic of conversation because it is closely monitored but during lockdown mums are being guided by their instinct, their baby’s feeding, the number of nappies and how their baby …

Family Directory – Core Team

The Family Directory is an essential guide to the best services and practitioners for parents, along with a range of brilliant gifts and products for families. The core team are a small group of well-trained specialists working with parents and children across Newcastle, Tyneside and Northumberland. Janine Smith Practice – birth & baby preparation, postnatal support, baby massage, weaning and ongoing parent support Debbie Donaldson – pregnancy & postnatal fitness specialist Julia McCarthy at Sanctuary House – massage and reflexology Puddle Ducks – aquanatal, baby & toddler swimming plus swim academy North East Sling Library – for baby & toddler carrying expertise Tumbles & Grumbles First Aid – for parents, grandparents and children Branch Counselling – specialising in family counselling Frankie Aitchison Psychotherapy & Counselling – specialising in support after miscarriage, stillbirth and childloss

Here’s to 2020

This time of year can be full of posts declaring bigger and better for the year ahead – but I’m just going to keep doing what I do: small groups & private sessions for parents and writing useful posts here. My work aim for this year is to keep keeping it simple with honest, realistic information, good support and as much reassurance as I can dish out for parents. My role as a practitioner is about confidence, wellbeing, community, being heard and feeling less alone. The one change I need to make is to shout about it more and your help is vital – your recommendations, feedback and post sharing makes all the difference, so please do share my details with anyone who is pregnant or who has a new baby. Thank you!Jx