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pregnancy and birth words

Pregnancy & Birth Words

Here’s a quick guide to the words, terms and abbreviations that could be part of your pregnancy and birth. A Afterpains Cramping with discomfort or pain as the uterus contracts and shrinks Anaesthetist The doctor who administers epidural, spinals and a general anaesthetic Antenatal The period during pregnancy AROM or Artificial rupture of membranes. Breaking the waters /rupturing the amniotic sac during labour or as part of the induction process to encourage strong contractions Assisted Delivery Birth using ventouse or forceps Augmentation of labour To increase and strengthen contractions after labour has started B Bear Down Pushing during the birth of your baby BMI Body Mass Index – measuring your height and your weight to calculate your healthy weight BP Blood pressure Birth Canal The vagina Birth Centre A midwifery-led maternity unit Birth Pool A large pool of water used for pain relief so a labouring woman’s boobs, bump and back are submerged in the water. Breech When a baby’s position in pregnancy is bum first C Caesarean When your baby is born through an …