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Third Trimester: Keep Moving

Again, this is about what works for you – you could be pretty active or you could be pottering around. This is all about listening to your body. As ever, something gentle like walking can work wonders for mood, wellbeing, backache and general stiffness in your joints. In the third trimester your body is continuing to change shape, which can put more pressure on your back and on your joints – some movement is going to help you feel better. Pregnancy yoga may also help you at this time as well. It can also be about not sitting for too long if you start to get achey and sore – you can break this up by sitting on a ball or having frequent wanders to move your bum a bit. Remember, this is about gentle and regular movement and it doesn’t have to be about big exercise routines, especially if that was not part of your life before pregnancy. #pregnancyfitness #thirdtrimester #pregnancyyoga #pregnancyseries Janine Smith | A specialist in pregnancy, birth and early parenting

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Second Trimester: Move

This could be a time when you feel pretty good although it is also possible to still feel pretty tired and nauseous. Moving could well give you a boost, you just need to work out what is best for you. If exercise is not your thing, just getting out for a walk is a brilliant way to move and get some fresh air. This can also be a time to start pregnancy yoga sessions. If exercise is your thing, you could still be doing your normal routine – just listen to your body and only do it if it feel ok for you. Don’t push it if you’re not sure.Why move? It boosts your endorphins, it’s better for your wellbeing and it eases the pressure on your joints, which are loosening as your body changes which can make you feel achey and stiff. Just don’t overdo it, the key is gentle. #pregnancyfitness #pregnancyyoga #secondtrimester #pregnancyseries Janine Smith | A specialist in pregnancy, birth and early parenting

Birth, Baby & Family Directory – The Core Team

The Birth, Baby & Family Directory is an essential guide to the best services and practitioners for parents, along with a range of brilliant shops and products. As a trusted source of information for parents and families from pregnancy through to teenagers, it is essential for me to be able to provide links to the best services, products and practitioners for children, parents and families across Newcastle & Tyneside. I only work alongside businesses who are experienced, professional, recommended and who fit in well with the supportive ethos of Birth, Baby & Family. Supporting small businesses is important to me and this is a network of wonderful people who are passionate about what they do, who are excellent at what they do and I recommend them to parents… The Core Team is a pool of specialist knowledge… The Birth, Baby & Family Practice – antenatal classes, postnatal support, baby massage, weaning an ongoing parent support Debbie Donaldson – pregnancy & postnatal fitness specialist plus running and hulahoop courses Julia McCarthy at Sanctuary House – massage and reflexology Puddle Ducks – aquanatal, …

Pregnancy aches & pains

Pregnancy is so different for every woman – I have had three pregnancies and I had worked with hundreds of pregnant women and I have seen women blossom and I have seen women struggle. Our bodies grow, adapt and change throughout pregnancy so it is inevitable that there will be tiredness and a few aches. Pregnancy may not be a time of illness for many of us but it is a time of listening to our bodies, of taking it easy when it demands us to rest and when it hurts. Your back and your hips can ache as your body changes shape, your legs can become restless, your may develop carpal tunnel in your wrists and hands, your pubic bone can ache and hurt and you may experience headaches. This can start in your second trimester or you could be close to the end of your pregnancy – you still need to listen to your body. Rest is good and use as many pillows as it takes to be comfortable – under your bump, …

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For Pregnancy & Birth

Pregnancy can be a time for celebration and excitement – as well as a time of change, anxiety and questions. It can be a time for information, support and reassurance; when you want to know what you are experiencing is normal and when you want to look after yourself. It is also a time when your thoughts will inevitably turn to birth and preparing as well as you can for contractions, induction, caesareans, life with your new baby and knowing more about your options. The Birth, Baby & Family Practice and its Business Network provides a range of support and services for expectant parents… Antenatal Classes & Birth Preparation Birth debrief and/or pregnancy anxiety – Sometimes being pregnant can create stress and anxiety – it could be because your previous birth was tough or it could be because you are worried about your pregnancy and what birth will be like. You can book some time with me for a consultation to talk through your concerns. Antenatal Course – a 5-week course to prepare you well for the birth of your baby …