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Baby Days

As you know I have just spent a few days looking after my one-year old nephew. He was a breeze to look after – he ate well, he napped, he slept, he played, he was happy and he was laid back – yet I was still tired! He has never really been away from mam and dad before so I was a bit nervous but babies can be pretty fickle – as long as they are looked after, safe and loved they are happy and there was barely a tear from him. I knew I would be tired – meeting the demands of a busy baby was always going to be a bit of a challenge but I had forgotten the intensity of just how long the days on your own with a baby can be. I had no other adult interaction apart from some brief chat in the park and with a couple of neighbours – I was totally fine with that because it was only for a few days but it was a …

Toddler Behaviour

1-2 years interaction curious energetic communication exploration frustration pushing boundaries   3 years independence control over themselves and their activities fear and jealousy pushing and hitting   what they might need… distraction praise and reinforce positive behaviour play gentle boundaries smiles and laughter cuddles encourage language and explanations reassurance consistency freedom to play and explore   what you might need at times you might be feeling challenged, frustrated and tired so get some support remind yourself that it won’t last forever take some time for you to rest and recharge   Janine – specialist in pregnancy, birth & parent support