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Baby Development – 12 months

Baby Development – 12 months Your baby will probably be able to… Physical Development Move – crawling, rolling, shuffling, coasting on furniture Bounce to music Throw toys Point Be better at picking things up   Cognitive Development Can better understand a routine – know what is coming next in a sequence Imitate actions and noises after they have happened Be aware of someone else being upset or happy   Language and Communication Say some simple words Follow simple instructions Say more expressive babble Know how to use her voice   Emotional and Social Development Enjoy and respond to songs and actions Will want to be close to a familiar adult Have likes and dislikes Enjoy games Imitate other people Developmental Leaps Each leap brings changes in behaviour, awareness, mood and sleep and your baby may seem unsettled and clingy and in need of more reassurance. 41-47 weeks – your baby could now be: learning about sequences and putting things together involved in more active play observing and imitating the people around him capable of greater movement now. Reading Margot Sunderland Carolyn Meggitt Sue Gerhardt Vanderijt & Plooij   Janine | Birth, Baby & Family Mum of three and a specialist in pregnancy, birth and parent support