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Tips For Pregnancy

Congratulations, you are pregnant – you are making a human being. These tips for pregnancy are for you – you may be sailing through your pregnancy or you could be feeling every second of it. It’s new territory and you could be feeling a mixture of emotions. I remember feeling really special – DON’T YOU KNOW I AM MAKING A BABY! – and excited and happy and vulnerable, concerned and worried, not to mention knackered and more than a tad emotional. So…

Tips for pregnancy 1:

It’s a time to start listening to your body – take it easy and rest when you can/need to

Tips for pregnancy 2:

As you are making a baby, you need good fuel – eat well and drink plenty of water but you must bloody well eat cake as well if you want to

Tips for pregnancy 3:

Read well to boost your knowledge and your confidence – the internet is full of scary stories, step away and stick with the good stuff

Tips for pregnancy 4:

Pregnancy massage – relax, indulge, feel better

Tips for pregnancy 5:

Learn to relax your mind and your body – it’s good for you,  it’s good for your baby and it’s good for birth

Tips for pregnancy 6:

If you are concerned about anything – if you feel different, if your baby’s movements have changed get checked out – see your midwife/GP or go to your nearest Pregnancy Assessment Unit. Please don’t sit at home feeling scared and worried that you will be wasting time, it’s always better to get some reassurance and you won’t be wasting anyone’s time!

Tips for pregnancy 7:

Move your ass – staying active in pregnancy is good for you – walking, aquanatal, yoga, pilates or sticking to your normal exercise as long as you feel ok doing it

Tips for pregnancy 8:

Look after your aches and pains – your body is growing and changing shape, your joints are loosening and you may experience back and pelvic pain. Massage and chiropractic care may help alleviate those niggles, along with staying active and doing yoga or pilates

Tips for pregnancy 9:

Obviously where there is pregnancy, there is birth. Try not to be in denial about it – take control and prepare well, don’t leave it to chance. Good antenatal support and birth preparation will help you get your head ready, they will help you to prepare, to plan and to know what can help you and your partner. Good antenatal classes will equip you with skills to stay calm, to be more comfortable and to know what can make a difference and what your options are. Good antenatal classes can help you to focus positively on giving birth.

Tips for pregnancy 10:

Start to plan for when your baby is here – know where to go for some support with feeding and just life with your new baby, arm yourself with some good life with baby information so you know to be kind to yourself when you feel like you haven’t got a clue.

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Useful links – information, skills and support for you

Mother Cuppa – a weekly mother & baby group for support, reassurance, conversation, tea & cake

The Birth, Baby & Family Practice- professional services for pregnancy, birth and early parenting

Baby Massage – small groups and relaxing sessions with


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