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Mother Cuppa Podcast

For pregnancy, birth and early parenting This podcast is an extension of my practice and Mother Cuppa Magazine. I want to give you something to listen to, in addition to reading articles. There will be regular podcasts with a range of comment and opinion as well as bringing to life articles, guides and social media posts. I’m starting off simply as I learn and we’ll see where it goes! Please feel free to message me with ideas and comments. Janine – antenatal & postnatal specialist

Covid vaccine in pregnancy

Covid vaccine in pregnancy

Having the covid vaccine in pregnancy is a hot topic of discussion at the moment with much confusion and uncertainty about its safety. The women I have spoken to are no anti-vaxxers but they are genuinely torn about whether it is the right thing to do, based on the information available to them. And it’s a divisive issue – some pregnant women are happy to take the vaccine and are reassured by the information they have been given, others just aren’t convinced by the safety claims. Below I have included information and guidance, along with links to the latest research. Covid vaccine in pregnancy: So, what do we know? The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) have updated their information but makes it clear that: “If you are pregnant and have been offered a COVID-19 vaccine, the decision whether to have the vaccination is your choice.” RCOG & the Royal College of Midwives – with UK Teratology Information Service (UKTIS) and the MacDonald Obstetric Medicine Society (MOMS) -have created a decision-making factsheet, which you …

beyond birth approach

Beyond Birth Approach

The Beyond Birth Approach is for you as an expectant and new parent. During pregnancy you can use this approach to prepare for life with your new baby – to think about what you and your baby might need and how you can manage any challenges during those early days and weeks. With a new baby you can use the information and prompts to better understand what is going on and to think about what you might need and what could help you as you get to know your baby and look after yourself as well. The 4th trimester can be a unique and intense time, often providing a huge learning curve, which can feel overwhelming for new parents. This approach aims to provide a foundation of knowledge about new baby behaviour, how they grow and develop, where the challenges can be and how you can look after yourself. The Beyond Birth Approach As part of this approach. I will posing some questions and encouraging you to focus on what you need to know as …

induction checklist

Induction Checklist

An induction checklist can help you remember the simple things that could make a huge difference to how well your induction works as well as how comfortable and prepared you are. All of these help to put you at the centre of it all – to focus on what you might need to be more comfortable and to give your body what it needs to work and help labour progress. Do you understand what is happening? Do you need more information or reassurance about why you are being induced, about the induction process or about what to expect at the hospital? Pack well Your labour needs to start in hospital and this process can take a while – pack items to keep you distracted, entertained, relaxed and comfortable. Make the space yours Whether you are in a private room or a shared induction bay, make your space comfortable for you so you can feel relaxed, comfortable and secure. You don’t have to stay on the bed – you can wander, use your birth ball, a …

hospital bag essentials

What are the hospital bag essentials?

Your hospital bag essentials are about having a few things to hand to help you feel more comfortable for labour, birth and when your baby is here. Whether you are planning to have your baby at home or in hospital, it can be useful to have a few essentials organised in case you need them. It can seem like you are taking a lot in to hospital but some of it can stay in the car and it may be better to take more so it’s there if you need it. If you are planning a home birth, it can still be useful to pack a birth bag of useful items – this means they are easy to find when you need them and you still have the things you need if you should transfer to hospital. Here’s a few ideas for your hospital bag essentials… For your baby… • Nappies, cotton wool, wipes• Formula and bottles if you are planning to formula feed or you want it as a back-up – the ready-made bottled …