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relax and breathe challenges

Relax & Breathe Challenge

The Relax & Breathe Challenge is about bringing some simple and effective techniques into your life. This is not just about boosting your wellbeing, it is about having tools to rely on for stress, anxiety or being overwhelmed. Relax & Breathe is something I have used for years – personally and professionally. I teach it to parents, my teenagers use it, it eases my stress and anxiety and I have even completed relaxation therapy training. It is just breathing but it really helps with calm, focus, being overwhelmed and heading off panic. And, while the main focus of my practice is expectant and new parents, this is for everyone. You can use it everyday, to do something for you. It is gives a great boost in pregnancy, helping with aches and discomforts. It is essential for birth to stay calm, to have a focus and to work with contractions. And it is beneficial when your baby is here – for feeding, settling, to stay calm and to help your recovery. But it is for everyone …

labour & birth checklists

Labour & Birth Checklist

This labour & birth checklist works as a quick reminder to focus on you when you are in labour. There can be a lot going on so it is easy to forget the small, important details. There’s a lot of simple things that can make a huge difference to how you are feeling from those early contractions, right through to giving birth. Here’s a quick guide to your labour & birth checklist… are you using your breathing? You can use your relaxation and breathing techniques to remain calm, to help your contractions and to give you energy. can you rest? Using positions to rest and conserve energy can be crucial, especially if labour is over several hours. do you need to move/change position? Listen to your body, move about to be as comfortable as possible. do you need to eat? Food is important for both you and your baby during labour. You might need to snack regularly or you could be ravenous. are you going to the loo regularly? Your baby needs every bit of …

finding my voice

Finding my voice

With a new digital business, finding my voice has been essential. I have struggled a little to find my voice on social media, to say what I want to say with purpose and without having the focus on me. While I possess a great deal of knowledge and experience – you, the parent, are always my focus. I have worked with thousands of parents over the last 20 years – and I learn from every parent I work with. As a practitioner, my role is to provide information, support and reassurance when it is needed. I am also there to listen, to pose questions, to provide confidence and to help you find what works for you and your baby. My focus is on encouraging you to: gather knowledge think about what you what or need (and how that can happen) have effective communication with questions have strategic thinking so you can plan and think about your options be honest with yourself so you can deal with challenges head on I passionately believe that there is …

tips for birth preparation

Tips for birth preparation

These tips for birth preparation are for every birth. Whether you want a waterbirth, are having an induction or you are booked in for a caesarean – there is power in doing birth on purpose. Putting yourself at the centre of your care is all about knowing your options, having a say and asking questions. This means you can be better prepared for the reality of labour and birth and what it might involve. Labour and birth can be unpredictable so pregnancy is a time to start gathering knowledge and skills and to get your head ready for what you can do and what you might need. I have worked with expectant parents since 2002 as a childbirth educator and as a doula. And I have also had three of my own babies, which all required different preparation. I passionately believe that it helps to: know more about the reality of birth. Labour and birth can be about contractions, tiredness, decisions, doubt, strength and vulnerability. There is great strength in knowing where the challenges might …

baby sleep day

Baby Sleep Day on March 1

As March 1 is Baby Sleep Day, I thought I would share a few thoughts about babies and sleep. As a postnatal practitioner, baby sleep is a common subject among parents who are tired and keen to find solutions. On this baby sleep day, I would like to start by highlighting the issue of conflicting information and advice about baby sleep. Parents can be left feeling confused, exhausted and like they are failing. Some babies can sleep in chunks of a few hours and others will wake more for food, soothing and reassurance. The goal of sleeping through the night is always there but it is not based on a lot of science. Baby Sleep Tips Acceptance is important. If you can accept that your baby wakes up regularly you are in a better place to deal with it. It doesn’t necessarily make it easier but it probably means there is less battling. Babies are meant to wake at night. They have small stomachs and need regular feeds for calories and to prevent dehydration. With …