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1:1 Sessions for Parents

As part of my practice, I provide 1:1 sessions for parents – to focus on your need for information, support and reassurance from pregnancy to juggling family life.

It is something I have become more focused on over the past few years, with personalised sessions providing much needed space for busy parents.

Pregnancy – Pregnancy sessions can be valuable because, in addition to being an exciting and brilliant time, pregnancy can also be a time of gathering information, making decisions and managing any worries and concerns.

Birth Preparation – I provide a range of 1:1 sessions for expectant parents, to provide you with effective information, practical information support and reassurance.

Birth Debrief – An informal and professional session to talk through and make sense of the birth of your baby.

New Baby Consultation – Helping you to find your feet as a parent in those early days and weeks with your baby.

Baby Sleep Consultations – Gentle, practical support & suggestions for tired parents to provide you with information, reassurance and a fresh perspective.

Parent Support – As a parent with a young family you may feel overwhelmed at times or just in need of the opportunity to talk through some of the many parenting challenges.

Coaching 1:1 – Professional sessions for you, the person behind the parent, to gain support, motivation and focus for different personal challenges while also balancing your responsibilities as a parent. These sessions are important as your children get older and the support for you changes.

The sessions…

  • Whether these sessions take place at my venue, your home or on the phone, they are professional and informal so you feel comfortable and relaxed.
  • These are your sessions so you can focus on your individual need to information, support and reassurance – you can ask questions, gather knowledge and develop coping strategies.
  • Daytime, evening and weekend appointments are available to work around your schedule.
  • Most of the sessions include resources and session notes so you have tools to refer to after your appointment.

With Janine Smith
A specialist working with parents since 2002

Janine Smith practitioner

I have worked with expectant and new parents since 2002 and I trained as a coach in 2016 to be able to work with parents beyond the postnatal period.

As a mother of two, I am very aware of balancing family, work and me, along with the motherload, managing stress and keeping going so I can also be the parent I want to be. The juggling means that parents can be busy and under a lot of strain to keep everything going – this is why I work with parents to provide an extra level of support.

Just get in touch to arrange your sessions…

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An experienced specialist in pregnancy, birth & early parenting, I have worked with parents since 2002. I am based in the North East so I regularly work with parents from Newcastle, Northumberland, Gateshead and across North Tyneside. Face-to-face sessions will continue with North East parents but digital courses and online sessions means I can work with parents everywhere.