Baby Sleep Preparation

Baby sleep preparation – either in pregnancy or with your new baby – can make a huge difference so you have a solid understanding of how babies sleep, how it can vary and how normal it is for babies not to sleep through the night.

Baby sleep can be a huge concern and a very common topic of conversation with new parents who are tired, in need of more sleep and, often, are wondering what they are doing wrong.

While they are a few things that can encourage sleep, it is very normal and to be expected for babies to wake frequently day and night.

I work with expectant and new parents to focus on the reality of life with a new baby and how they can manage with less sleep. The truth is that there are no quick fixes with babies and acceptance goes along way!

When it comes to baby sleep preparation, these things can be crucial…

  • where possible, asking for and accepting help and support so you can rest
  • plan for night-time parenting – going to bed every night hoping for a full night sleep is not realistic and it is exhausting
  • accept variation – babies often won’t have any pattern for several weeks, maybe even months
  • know how to sleep safely with your baby, as well as how to put your baby safely in his cot
  • try to be reassured that you are not getting anything wrong
  • try not to compare – come babies sleep well, others need more feeds, comfort and reassurance
  • your baby is not acting up and waking on purpose – his needs will change daily
baby sleep preparation

Baby sleep preparation features as part of my antenatal course and 1:1 consultations can also focus on baby sleep preparation and baby sleep support.

There is also an article about baby sleep to find out more about the essentials.

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