For new mums

It is important for new mums to look after themselves. As a new mum you may be healing and you will be adjusting to life with your new baby.

All the focus can be on the new baby – feeding, sleep, carrying, watching, keeping alive – so it is easy to forget to focus on your needs.

The early days and weeks can vary but I do know that it is important to make time to be looked after and to think about your wellbeing as well.

It can be important for new mums to…

  • talk and be open about how you are feeling physically and emotionally about birth and about life with your new baby
  • rest – you will be tired
  • eat and drink regularly – to boost your energy
  • get reassurance and support with any low mood or feeling out of your depth
  • focus on your baby and try not to compare with other babies
  • ask for and seek help – from your partner, from family, from friends – so you can rest
  • speak to me so you can talk about the birth and gather all the information, reassurance and support you need for the early days and weeks
  • take it slow and to keep your days simple
  • get to know your baby and go at their pace as they adjust to the world
  • have realistic expectations of what a new baby is capable of and what you might feel like
for new mums

The 4th Trimester features as part of my antenatal course and 1:1 consultations can also focus on being a new mum.

There are also a range of articles about the 4th Trimester to find out more about the essentials for you and your baby.

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