10 simple ways to boost your wellbeing as a new parent

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Here are some quick and easy ways to enhance your wellbeing as a new parent. These things can be very much overlooked especially when experiencing a range of emotions but focusing on your basic needs can go a long way to boost both your physical and emotional health.

Simple steps for your wellbeing as a new parent…

1. Fresh Air

If it feels appropriate, getting out for a short walk and a bit of fresh air is good for you and for your baby.

2. Water

Drinking plenty of water not only stops you from becoming dehydrated but it can also boost your energy and help you heal.

3. Eat

Eat well and often with healthy meals and regular snacks throughout those early days and weeks with your new baby.

4. Use your breathing

Focus on using your breathing to stay calm, to relax your body and to ease any stress, anxiety or panic. This can help to settle your baby, it can help with feeding and it can help you.
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5. Rest

Make rest your priority in those early days and weeks with your baby. It’s not always easy – especially if you have older children – but planning in some rest will help you to heal and adjust to life with less sleep.

6. Talk

Talk through any worries or anxieties, share how you are feeling.

7. Wallow

Use the bath or shower to help you relax and to ease any aches and discomfort. You might be sweaty in those early days, your boobs could be leaking and you will be experiencing lochia so bathing can help you feel clean and refreshed.

8. Ask questions

Ask your questions for information, support and reassurance when you contact your midwife or your postnatal doula.

9. Use your ball

Using a ball can also be a good way to settle a baby as they may like the movement.

10. The Loo

You might need to use the loo often in those early days – you could be peeing huge amounts. There can be a lot of apprehension around using the loo for fear of stinging and pain with stitches. Use your breathing, especially with bowel movements, and relax your body. Don’t put off going to the loo – drinking plenty of water will dilute your urine and soften your stools.

There isn’t a prescriptive list of what you should do to boost your wellbeing as a new parent but just focusing on the basics, working with your body and on what you need that day can be really helpful.

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