5 effective ways to use your breathing as a new parent

breathing as a new parent

Using your breathing as a new parent is about identifying if you are feel anxious, tense or overwhelmed so you can focus on staying calm.

Relaxing your body and slowing your breathing can be a simple and effective way to head off any feelings of being overwhelmed as well as to ease any discomfort and to help your recovery from birth.

The key to using your breathing as a new parent is to make it familiar for you, so it is comfortable and easy to use and so you don’t have to think about it.

So how do you use your breathing as a new parent?

  1. You can focus on your breathing if you are experiencing discomfort, pain or you feel overwhelmed. If your breathing is too fast, slow it down again; if you are holding onto tension (forehead, haw, shoulders, hands, pelvic floor, legs, feet) let it go.
  2. Throughout the day, slow your breathing and relax your body to feel calmer.
  3. Keep it simple – all you are doing is slowing your breathing and relaxing your muscles. If you have been practising this in pregnancy it would hopefully be more familiar for you.
  4. Focus on your breathing as you cuddle and soothe your baby – they pick up on stress and tension which can make them upset and harder to settle.
  5. If you are breastfeeding, slowing your breathing and relaxing your body can make it easier – you will be less tense, your baby may be more comfortable and able to feed in a calmer way.
An Introduction To Relax & Breathe
Focus On Your Breathing
For New Parents

Remember, using your breathing as a new parent is about knowing what works for you – so you can slow the pace of your breathing, so you can relax your body and so you have an effective skill to use as you need it.

If you can practice your breathing in pregnancy it can make it effective for you.

A few words about why I created Relax and Breathe…

Simple relaxation & breathing skills can be vital for focus and calm, to ease discomfort and pain, to boost energy levels and to manage anxiety or panic. 

I developed Relax & Breathe in 2009 after using breathing techniques to manage anxiety and panic and reflecting on my work with expectant and birthing parents.

I wanted to create something uncomplicated which is why Relax & Breathe is simple and easy to use. It’s about bringing it into your day for a few minutes, so it becomes familiar and tailored to you.

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