What can the different pregnancy symptoms feel like?

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Pregnancy symptoms can vary so much – ranging from powerful to mild and some people don’t experience any symptoms at all.

The common symptoms we focus on are sickness and nausea with sore boobs but the signs can be much more subtle than that. For many women it can about ‘just knowing’ or feeling a bit different.

Your pregnancy symptoms will be totally unique to you.

Here’s pregnancy symptoms in your words

Sore boobs!

I had Carpal Tunnel Syndrome straight away

The first time I was pregnant, I just knew as in I had a feeling – I did a test and there it was.

I knew before I did a test and before my period was due.

I took a test because the wine I was drinking tasted disgusting!

Sore boobs from day one!

I didn’t know until I had missed two periods – I thought I was stressed with my new job. And then morning sickness kicked in.

I felt hungover for weeks

Sense of smell, sore boobs and feeling sick

Like a horrible hangover for days.

I started wretching when I was cleaning my teeth.

Vomit. Lots of it. And dizzy right from the start.

Random heartburn even before I could do a test.

Sore boobs that looked like a roadmap.

With my first and my second, I just knew. I didn’t really have any symptoms, I just felt different.

With my third, my sense of smell was so powerful. Everything was overpowering, which is what prompted me to take a test.

I had a dull, constant headache – thought I was just stressed or coming down with a cold.

I had nothing. We were trying but I didn’t think I was pregnant as I had no symptoms at all. I kept waiting for them to start. I only believed I was pregnant when I went for my first scan.

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