Conversations & Questions this week

This week has been a real mix of first and second time parents – some are pregnant, some are in the thick of it with their baby.

As ever no two weeks are the same and there has been a range of antenatal and postnatal questions, comments and conversations this week. Here’s a brief round-up of what we talked about

  • Second Babies – no two babies are ever the same and the challenges can be different with your next baby because they will most probably sleep differently, settle differently, feed differently. The things you did with your first maybe might not be relevant with your next.
  • Going Back To Work – this can cause apprehension and planning can be important to think about juggling and managing childcare, work and home.
  • Tiredness – this can feel like it goes hand in hand with being a parent. And it’s not just the lack of sleep, it’s the relentlessness of being on demand as well as dealing with any worries and trying to figure out solutions for any challenges.
  • Confidence – being pregnant, giving birth and being a parent can boost your confidence or it could knock it as you find your feet or come to terms with it being different from expectations. Good support and load of reassurance can help – alot!
  • Childcare – find it, choosing it, paying for it, working it all out can mean thinking it through, talking it through and making plans that work for your family.
  • Tummy Time – this can cause so much angst because parents can feel under pressure to do it. Truth it carrying your baby around it tummy time, using a sling is tummy time, cuddling your baby is tummy time. This all strengthens your baby’s neck and your baby isn’t leaning back against anything.
  • Sleep – the biggest conversation I have with parents because it can be one of the toughest challenges however normal it is for babies to wake at night. Tired parents need good information to better understand why their baby might be sleeping as expected or needed, along with support and reassurance.
  • Growth Spurts – these create challenges because your baby’s needs can intensify, she may be more unsettled, feeds may increase and she may wake more frequently. It can be tough but meet your baby’s needs, even if it feels like you are going back, because once your baby is through this leap, her needs will not be as intense.
  • Birth Again – it should never be assumed that because you have done birth once, you are ready to do it again. It might be useful to talk through your previous birth experience and it is definitely worth thinking about birth again – your options, what you would like, what you need. You might want a caesarean or to plan a vbac or you may be preparing for labour and birth once more, which could be faster than your first labour.

It really does help to talk it all through, to plan and to focus on what would help you most. My job is to build you up, to give you the space to talk, discuss and ask questions and to have more knowledge and confidence.

You can message me below with any questions or queries.

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